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Vita pulse Antioxidant

Heart attacks and coronary heart diseases are responsible for 1 out of every 4 deaths in America vitapulsetoday. This is a great concern which has pushed researchers and physicians to seek treatment or at least management of such diseases.

One of the popular emerging treatments for heart diseases is the use of antioxidants. These are compounds that prevent oxidation (electron loss) and formation of radicals (that the process could release). Besides preventing oxidation, antioxidants often contain other ingredients to reduce cellular damages and increase energy among other things that promote heart health.

Vitapulse antioxidant is one of the common names you will come across in the market when looking for antioxidants. Although the body contains natural antioxidants like beta-carotene, folic acid, Vitamin A, C and E, it is still unclear whether antioxidant supplementation can mimic real life results. Nonetheless, the testimonials and reviews of heart disease patients taking antioxidants states otherwise as most seem to get better with supplementation.



Here is a descriptive review of vitapulse antioxidant including its benefits and concerns:

Who created Vitapulse?

Vitapulse is created by Princeton Nutrients which is a company dedicated to manufacturing nutrition supplements. The supplement is offered as an antioxidant pill that should be taken once per day to manage coronary heart conditions and disease.

The supplement only contains three ingredients which are:

  • 100mg CoQ10
  • 250mg N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • 10mg Pyrroloquinoline Quinine Disodium Salt

These ingredients are protein building blocks used in the prevention of cancer growth and suppression of homo-cysteine levels (which is a risk factor for heart attack). Others offer neuroprotective properties while some boost metabolism.

The LLC (Princeton Nutrients) is based in Woodlands Hills CA and their URL was registered in May 2015. The company has no links with Princeton University despite its name. You will often hear the name Dr. Arash Bereliani associated with vitapulse as he is the director of research at Princeton Nutrients. He is also a board certified cardiologist operating in Beverly-Hills Institute of Cardiology-and-Preventative-Medicine.

Benefits of Vitapulse antioxidant

The benefits of using vitapulse antioxidant are quite obvious and straightforward when you examine its unique formula. A simple search for antioxidant supplements will provide numerous products priced lower than vitapulse.

However, they lack the unique combination and tolerance that vitapulse antioxidant shows. This supplement is designed to deliver advanced antioxidant support and help patients of heart disease achieve healthy/optimal cardio function.

It also protects them from cellular damage, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation and promotes mitochondrial growth and health. It also increases cellular energy. In simple terms vitapulse antioxidant is designed to protect you from heart diseases. If you are already a patient, it helps you to manage the condition and prevents heart attacks among other related heart failure conditions. As the manufacturers claim, vitapulse antioxidant has no side effects which make it one of the premium heart supplements in the market.

Does it work or is it a scam?

As aforementioned, there are many antioxidant supplements in the market and while some of them deliver the desired results, others are scams that will expose you to more harm than good. It is therefore important to keenly review the offers you get before spending your money.

Is vitapulse antioxidant or a scam?

Well, according to the online reviews and testimonials from previous and current users, the supplement seems to work just fine in increasing energy levels and preventing attacks. It is also offered backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. The supplement comes in a single bottle that contains 30 capsules at $49 (plus $3.95 for shipping) there are other plans for 3 bottles and 6 bottles both which come with free shipping. If the supplement does not give you the results you are looking for, you can simply call Princeton Nutrients customer service (866-427-3019) for your refund. This must be within 60 days.

Is it safe to use?

The use of only three ingredients makes vitapulse antioxidant quite tolerant for most people and it is marketed as having no serious side effect. However, users have registered a couple of slight side effects experienced from time to time. Most side effects are associated with the use of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). The potential side effects thus include stomach upset, drowsiness, headaches, fever, rashes, liver problems and low blood pressure.

However, these are very rare cases and most patients who experience such side effects have other preexisting illnesses or a history of developing such reactions to medication. Generally, vitapulse antioxidant is safe to use as it features natural ingredients. There are no negative safety issues raised and most critics seem to focus on the nature of results. While vitapulse antioxidant does not promise 100% healing from heart diseases, it does cut down the risk factors for developing such conditions and can help patients live longer through preventing heart attacks.

Should you use Vitapulse?

It is important to carefully evaluate any supplement you plan to introduce to your body. As a general advice, you should seek full medical examination from your doctor before you start using any supplement. For instance, some supplements are not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers (most medication supplements aren’t) and patients under other medications may cause counteractions.

If you have heart disease and have tried various types of supplements and treatment to no significant success, you may consider vitapulse.

Supplementation has become a popular way to deal with various medical issues today. However, the market for these supplements is populated with numerous products some of which are low quality offers with no genuine value.

It is therefore important to spare sufficient research time and find out what the supplement contain, its clinical studies, benefits and side effects. Issues of money back guarantees, liabilities and insurance, business credibility, quality assurance certification and government approval are all important when choosing supplements especially those for heart health.